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Lip Augmentation in Mohali

Lip Augmentation Treatment
Lip Augmentation

People who have out of shape lips due to an injury or by birth are opting for lip augmentation treatment. Further, there are even some who develop wrinkles or signs of aging around their lips. People face a lot of confidence shattering issues in several aspects of life, just because of their poorly shaped lips. The aging signs due to wrinkles around lips can also be very demoralizing, especially if the person is not that old or if their overall image is not justifying with the drooping lips But With Lip Augmentation treatment one can craft their lips to their own liking with Lip Fillers

What is a Lip Filler?

Essentially, it’s a dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid that is injected to on or around your lips and is found to improve the fullness of your lips. Not just that, it helps freshen up your smile, make your lips look bigger and also help correct the shape of your lips. This is extremely beneficial to rectify any asymmetry around the lip area too.

During the procedure these injectable are injected on to lips with a very thin needle. The results are often immediate, which last for up to two years. But one should discuss expected result with their doctor, as the impact and duration of result depends largely on brand of injectable filler used. Treatment can take as little as 30 minutes, depending on the number of injection sites and the injectable used.

Who is the Candidate for this Lip Augmentation Treatment ?

Any woman who is concerned with thin lips can be considered as the ideal candidate for the procedure. Because lip augmentation is responsible for increasing the volume of the lips and reducing the appearance of lines or any age-related creasing.

Normally adults of any age can undergo this procedure except people under medical considerations. Often patients have an allergic reaction to the fillers used in the lip augmentation procedure which is not considered suitable for the procedure. There are a large variety of dermal fillers available for the procedures but not all are safe options for every person.

Risks and Benefits Involved!

Normally the injecting of lip fillers involves least complications and side effects. But the rise of complications highly depends on the ability to heal and recover. There may be overall mild side effects involved in the procedure like redness, bruising, swelling. But these conditions will be resolved after a few days of the surgery.

But irrespective of everything dermal fillers can boost up your confidence and enhance your appearance, gives you an appealing and sensuous appearance. The results are long-lasting but will definitely fade with age and other factors like facial features.

What do you get for Lip Augmentation at Sonali Bhat’s Clinic?


  • Naturally fuller, more plumped lip look
  • Reshaping of lips and the outer border of the lip
  • Lip color correction & enhancement
  • Cupid’s bow Lip Filler
  • Approved Injectable lip fillers (also called dermal fillers)
  • Safe and virtually painless

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