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Aging affects every appendage, including the ears. But a little nip/tuck can bring those babies back into shape. Ear Lobe repair is very common nowadays

The human earlobe (lobules auriculae) is composed of tough areolar and adipose connective tissues, lacking the firmness and elasticity of the rest of the auricle (the external structure of the ear).

In some cases, the lower lobe is connected to the side of the face. Since the earlobe does not contain cartilage it has a large blood supply and may help to warm the ears and maintain balance.

However, earlobes are not generally considered to have any major biological function. The earlobe contains many nerve endings, and for some people is an erogenous zone.

A torn or split ear lobe is a problem in which the pierced hole gets wider due to the overweight of your earrings, or some injury usually caused by child pull on the earring.

Here, at Dr.Sonali Bhat’s Skinnovate, we offer you one of the best treatments to heal your damaged, but delicate earlobe with full care and effectiveness.

For this purpose, we use a Suture-Less ear lobe repair method which is a very novel surgical technique that helps to repair your split earlobe without the use of any stitches.

Earlobe Repair – Sometimes the pierced hole gets so wider that it starts looking very ugly. But we have a wonderful solution for this. We have a very special technique whereby we repair your torn earlobes without giving you any stitch or suture. And the desired results are guaranteed. If you have any doubts take a look here.

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