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Chin Augmentation in Mohali

Chin Augmentation Treatment in Mohali

A Strong chin adds beautiful definition to your face and enhances your appearance by giving you a proportional and attractive look while bringing balance to your gorgeous facial features Whereas A weak chin is categorized by it’s small stature and lack of projection. We understand the need to have a chin that portrays beauty and symmetry without receding much inwards. So in that case Chin Augmentation is done To give people the desired enhancement they have Always wanted.

How is the Chin Enhanced?

Injectable Dermal fillers are placed along Chin contours and areas below the lips to add shape & proportion to give you a fuller chin. As we age, the volume is lost along the jawline and a general fat loss occurs causing marionette lines and a receding Facial Contour. Fillers replenish this lost volume and firm up your chin giving you a youthful, attractive look.

The Advantage

Possibly the greatest advantage of Dermal fillers is that the treatment is highly reversible. features can be sculpted and even corrected to give you the exact proportion and volume you require. Fillers offer the advantage of performing a site-only enhancement rather than large-scale changes caused by the more invasive chin surgery which is usually irreversible.

Chin Augmentation at Dr Sonali Bhat’s Skin Hair & Laser Clinic

At our clinic, we work with artistic brilliance to sculpt those facial features you desire using only the latest, most advanced techniques with Dermal filler injectables.