Dr. Sonali bhat

Body Hair Transplant in Mohali

The innovative technique of Body Hair Transplant to obtain the body hair grafts and implanting it on the scalp to achieve that maximum density looks without compromising on the donor area on the scalp over a single session.

With the limited number of scalp donor hair available and the growing demand to cover the bald area, the search for greater donor hair aroused. Thus began the concept of body hair transplant (BHT) in which hair follicles from other parts of the body including beard, chest, arms, pubic area and legs are used as an additional sources of grafts for covering the scalp or reconstruct any other body area.

BHT is practically exclusive for men. The characteristics of the body hair differ from the scalp hair with respect to its hair cycle, growth, number of hair and direction of growth.

In spite of these differences, the body hair when transplanted to the scalp can grow up to 15cms length and can simulate the scalp hair character.

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